Business Sustainability

Business Sustainability

Business sustainability is an important aspect of Lotus as we believe in adhering to the principles of sustainable development by paying attention to issues at the macro level, such as: economic efficiency (innovation, prosperity, productivity), social equity (poverty, community, health and wellness, human rights) and environmental accountability (climate change, land use, biodiversity).

Our Sustainable practices include:

Stakeholder engagement:

Lotus believes in learning from not only our customers but also employees and their surrounding community. Engagement here comprises not only, pushing out messages, but understanding opposition, finding common ground and involving stakeholders in joint decision-making on every level.

Environmental management systems:

Our systems provide the structures and processes that help ‘embed environmental efficiency’ into an organization’s culture and mitigate risks. We deploy not only the most widely recognized standard worldwide, which is ISO 14001 but also adhere to many other industry-specific and country-specific standards.

Reporting and disclosure:

At Lotus Measurement and control are at the heart of instituting sustainable practices. Not only does our organization collect and collate the information, but also maintains complete transparency with outsiders.

Life cycle analysis:

We believe in taking quantum leaps forward, towards systematically analyzing the environmental and social impact of our products and processes through its life cycle analysis, which measures impacts with adept accuracy.

Community Engagement:

We ensure productivity, diversity and inclusivity in all the companies that fall under the Lotus umbrella and in the communities, they hail from. We are always in the process of creating more opportunities in the community and encouraging educational and vocational activities apart from participating in food and health drives and welfare programmes. This creates and sustains a healthy cycle, of well-balanced individuals having the appropriate support and focus in lives and consequently job security. This cycle in turn encourages others to give back and keep this wholesome cyclic process alive.

We at Lotus believe, that only through sustainability can we attract and retain clients and employees and experience and incur less financial and reputation risk, for everyone. Through these concepts we also therefore promote and ensure that we remain effective, unique prompting innovation and remaining continuously adaptable, in our environments.