Right Solutions

Right Solutions

At Lotus we do not believe in restricting our self to one business vertical. Diversity is one of the key components of our business, as we are a part of many distinct and unique business. We believe that one should be limited and always be in the quest to learn and know more. We are not only a product-based company but also offer professional services and solutions along with processes and are as diversified as a mixed bag of nuts!

At Lotus the practice of innovation isn't just about creating new products or investing in new companies. It's about discovering completely new markets that were previously unknown and therefore possess untapped customer needs. In the age of Internet commerce, the act of innovation becomes an even greater challenge, immersed in a sea of new ideas.

Our five Step process to ensure Innovative Solutions is based on our customer-centered approach, where we consistently look to innovate for the modern consumer. It involves:

Figuring out the problem:

We make sure that we are attempting to solve the right problem and don't try to provide a fix for something that isn't a priority in the eyes of your consumer. We do this by asking the right questions and observing, either in focus groups or by evaluating competitive companies, products and their customers.

Analyzing the problem:

We turn the problem upside down and inside out, extracting every variable and value that causes it and therefore remedies it as well. Focusing on how often the problem occurs, how severe it is, potential causes, and what if any special circumstances impact it.

Coming up with more than one solution:

We believe that there is no substitute for variety and the idea here is to make sure that we do not leave any solutions on the table. We therefore, don't stop at the first solution but come up with alternatives, evaluating all possible scenarios as objectively as we can, assessing the pros and cons of each to ensure that the solution we are pursuing is the most competitive and profitable one.

Classifying the decision criteria:

We believe that clearly defining the desires that lead to purchase intent, help in identifying the decision-making factors.

Picking the best solution:

After we have evaluated all the options and values gleaned from steps one through four, we choose the most customer-centric solution to move forward with, developing a base of support within our organization and preparing for any internal or external contingencies.

Our Business Solutions also offer collaborative methods to business to overcome IT challenges with revolutionary ideas that are likely to be embraced by their customers. Lotus understands that in today’s increasingly virtualized and globalized workplace, business need new ways to innovate, allot resources and reinvent processes benefiting the latest business technology consulting. That’s where our smart strategies pay off, particularly in times of economic uncertainness.

Our solutions are a combination of these ideas to help a company accomplish its goals using our comprehensive industry, technological knowledge, and service offering competency in all its diversity. Become a part of the Lotus family today.