At Lotus, we do not believe in barriers and restricting ourselves to any particular business as diversity is one of our core pillars of belief. We work in several different verticals like food retail; hospitality; education and child care; pet grooming and boarding; automobile, marine and heavy machine auto components and parts; car servicing, cab industry, analytics and much more.

Becoming a Lotus Partner, entails entering a business relationship where both partners profit. Partners provide regulatory, organizational and technical expertise to configure our solutions to best meet the client’s needs.

Partnering with Lotus will not only help boost your revenue in several distinct ways, but also Align your goals and resources with a partner capable of, creating new business revenue opportunities with our huge pool of data information and resources. We will help you gain more lead generation, increased distribution, and better customer intelligence, all of which translate into revenue for your business. Partnering with Lotus will give you more press coverage, a broader ecosystem to work in, credibility and revenue! We will bring on efficiency in a productive partnership that will give you the wings you had longed for, always.


The Lotus Group currently has 11 different, completely diverse enterprises and we are adding more every day. Promoting the solution, together with their clients, allows the partners to assist the clients in improving their competitive edge. Lotus also regularly outsources work to experts in graphic design, website design, contracting, photography, and more in order to find the best of the best. Are you a creative professional who is looking to offer your services to an up and coming business empire? Listings for freelance opportunities will be available here, so check back often!