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Lotus Gives : Circle of Life

Winston Churchill said, “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” No truer words have been spoken and as a company this encompasses our entire postulation/theory on life. Did you know give is one of the oldest words in the English Language? The concept of giving is as old as time so why not cherish the meaning it holds!.

At the Lotus Group, we believe that by giving back to others, is how one grows. We can only grow if we aid others to run life full circle. It is our consistent aim to do as much for our community as it did for us. Giving we believe, is a task that should be performed full scale and we help in and around all our global offices and everyone who asks us for our assistance. Our CEO and President Ash is a firm believer in Karma and a concrete cornerstone for substantiating our ‘Lotus Gives’ program.

Supporting not only the community we live in, but those in need across the globe makes us feel that what we are doing something important/making an impact on several different levels in our community but society at large. We are trying to make the world a better place one step at a time.

If you know a good cause that could use further support or are interested in speaking to us about a donation or sponsorship, please email us. Below mentioned are a few of the causes that we are proud to currently support, many of which have always stood behind us.

Our educational charity, Lotus Loves Literacy, was founded in 2015 to help support local establishments who are dedicated to a love of learning. All our events revolve around the idea of helping people fall in love with the arts and especially with the written word.

Lotus Loves Literacy has hosted innumerable successful events including multiple Poetry Slams, a Spelling Bee and a short story contest, which benefits all local foundations, institutions, and schools in the district. We would love to help with anything that makes sense to us for helping people! If you have an idea that you think would fit well with LL, please free to contact us!

WCS Theatre Productions Warrensburg High School Theatre sponsorship for their Play, and Musicals

We provide monetary donations/Sponsorships and help organize and fund-raise these programs every year:

  • Warrensburg Varsity Club
  • Warrensburg Girls AAU Basketball
  • Warrensburg EMS
  • Warrensburg Tri County Softball
  • Warrensburg Scholarship Association
  • Warrensburg Fire Department
  • Warrensburg Historical Society
  • Special Olympics New York
  • Special Olympics MN
  • Senate Republican Campaign Committee
  • The World Awareness Children’s Museum
  • Richards Library Fund raiser

In the Zone:

Lotus loves Literacy: After School Development Program for School Kids like poetry slams, spelling bees, short story contests etc.

Blood Banks:

We organize blood drives regularly to donate to blood banks and help make it available in times of need.

The March of Dimes:

We support ‘The March of the Dimes' is a cause that aims to increase and boost infant survival by preventing premature birth and birth defects by giving pregnant mothers and new born babies the help and vital support they require during this vital period.

Children’s International:

Through the Children’s International Lotus sponsors 18 Children in India, helping them gain access to medical care, educational support, life skills and job-training before they graduate, which includes food, lodging, clothing as they grow up. We regularly get updates, letters, pictures from them to know about their progress and development.

Food Banks – New York:

We regularly make donations, volunteer to collect and donate surplus food to the New York food bank to help them provide food to the needy helping alleviate the hunger crisis. Gathering and providing food to provide to the homeless and underprivileged people and kids. This includes sending full meals to schools for classes in festivals like Thanksgiving. It also involves sponsoring a Santa Claus program to give gifts and necessities to needy children. We also collect and donate used clothes for provision armies to help underprivileged people.

In the Zone – After School Development Program for School Kids:

Each week “In the Zone” features a different theme to study and explore, while incorporating a variety of activities including reading and math support, STEM, integration into the arts, health and wellness education, and other enrichment opportunities, including those offered by Cornell Cooperative Extension, WSWHE BOCES Enrichment Resource Services, and LEGO robotics. The program is piloted by Warrensburg Central School District teachers, Ms. Mary Backus, Mrs. Amy Chambers and Mrs. Shari Raymond.

The open house is an opportunity for supporters to meet the students and see the program in action. After showing their skills in a game of “What am I?,” the students read an original poem they wrote and read as a group, thanking everyone for their generosity. There was a slide-show featuring the projects and adventures they’ve experienced thus far. They also extend their hospitality by serving brownies they bake the day before in the Jr./Sr. High kitchen. This is the time to mix and mingle, and students and supporters shared a lot of laughs, smiles, and high fives. This program is completely free and made possible by donations of the community and we are one of the foremost supporters of this program.