What Business Ideas do you have? Incorporating a new business from a mere idea is tough, but fortunately there are people with talent and ways designed to help those ideas develop. If you think you have the drive to make an impact, but perhaps not the courage to take the risk, you are just what we’re looking for. The Lotus Group of Companies will now be taking candidates to participate in our Entrepreneurial Apprenticeship Program. You have the will, we have the way.

We are looking for fresh, new, progressive ideas that can be brought to life in our communities. Perfect for your college application or resume, our Entrepreneurial Apprenticeship will give you the platform to jumpstart your business. Read more on the program, review guidelines and rules, or download a copy of the application. Email us with your questions and applications to us today-we can't wait to hear what you're thinking!

Doing an apprenticeship with Lotus will help you learn:

  • To be a part of the team
  • Get paid to learn
  • Gain real life and relevant world experiences
  • Gain immense friendly support and guidance
  • Strengthen your CV
  • Build you network and contacts base
  • Gain recognition and learn skills within our organization
  • Learn to quickly progress within a business

Become an expert while learning with the experts at Lotus! Become a part of our diverse team with our varied businesses as with Lotus, the sky is also not the limit.